November 1-December 17, 2011

The first weekend of November I went elk hunting with my dad, uncles, and grandpa.  This meant I was gone from Sarah and the kids for the first time since the triplets had been born.  She is an amazing wife because she let me go.  Hunter clapped on November 4th.  Holden clapped on November 20th.  Hadley clapped on November 22nd.  We also started physical therapy for Hunter because the doctor thinks he has torticollis.  This is basically a condition in which his muscle is tight on his right side from the way he was positioned in the womb.  Lou and Cece and Sarah's Aunt Julie and Uncle John and Devin and Mitchell came up from CA for Thanksgiving.  We ended up eating at Sarah's parents' house on Thanksgiving Day, and then went to the Lulay side that evening for dessert.  We decided to brave the crowds and we took the kids (all 4 of them) shopping.  Hayden loved Toys R Us.  Then, the Saturday after, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Gescher side at my Aunt Val and Uncle Rick's house.  On December 4th, we went to Santiam Canyon Christmas trees with my parents, Katie, Kyle, Olivia, Ashley, and Creed.  We got to see Santa.  Hayden did not like to sit on his lap (he screamed), but was ok standing next to him.  Hadley crawled on December 5th.  We also celebrated Olivia's first birthday party.  We ate at Wallery's pizza and then went to Katie and Kyle's for dessert and Olivia opened her presents.  Katie made some amazing dessert!  The first few weeks in December were consisted of Hunter having a sinus infection and croup.  Holden had a sinus infection and an ear infection.  Hadley had a sinus infection.  Hayden got croup and an ear infection (and his infection will not go away with antibiotics, so we are scheduled to put tubes back in his ears and get his adenoids removed on December 29th.).  All 4 kids were on antibiotics.  To top things off, Sarah got a sinus infection and is also on antibiotics.  It gets confusing on what times the kids get their medicine/Tylenol, etc!  Please pray for my Grandma Lulay as she just got diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  She is an amazing grandma and it is hard to see her in so much pain.  She should start her treatment soon.  We sadly missed my Holiday party since all 4 kids were sick.  Hunter got his first tooth on December 16th.  We also went to the doctor for their 9 month (almost 10) appointment.
On December 16th:
Hunter weighed 21 lbs 10 oz (50-75%), was 30 inches (75-90%), and his head was 46 cm (50-75%).
Hadley weighed 20 lbs 12 oz (75%), was 28.5 inches (50-75%), and her head was 46.5 cm (95-97%)
Holden weighed 19 lbs 7 oz (25%), was 29 inches (50-75%), and his head was 45 cm (25-50%)
We cannot believe how big they are all getting! 
On December 17, we took the kids with my parents to Alpenrose Dairy to see their Christmas display.  We ate lunch at Red Robin and it was amazing to see all the triplets sitting in their high chairs eating!  Hayden got them all balloons.  Hunter sat up for the first time after I sat him there.  His torticollis seems to be getting a lot better as he is holding his head a lot straighter.  We are busy finishing up our shopping.  We are looking forward to Christmas!!!


Christmas tree farm

We found Hayden doing this.  He got his stool and carried it to help decorate the tree!

St. Nick came the eve of Dec. 5th

Holden quickly caught up to Hadley!

Hayden, Holden, and Hadley

Hadley at Alpenrose Dairy

Holden at Alpenrose Dairy

Hunter at Alpenrose Dairy

Hayden at Alpenrose Dairy

Hayden with his cars that Santa made for him

Hunter sitting up by himself for the first time!



September 10-October 31, 2011

I know, I know it has been way too long since we updated our blog, but with grad school, work, and life, I have been too busy.  However, September and October were great months!  On September 9th, Hayden jumped for the first time.  He got some air!  The boys talked to each other for the first time.  Holden also did one crawl forward.  Sarah's 27th birthday was September 16th.  We had a great time celebrating it with our families.  It is amazing to think that Sarah has 4 kids at age 27!  We always wanted to be done having kids by age 30, so we are not old when our kids are in high school!  Hadley got her first tooth on September 25th.  The first weekend of October we went deer hunting/camping at the Ochoco.  We had a blast.  However, Hayden got sick with croup and a high fever, so we ended up taking him to the Prineville ER.  They gave us a prescription for prednisolone, but did not mix it, so it tasted really bad.  Long story short, he would not take it.  So, the next day we called the ER doctor to send a new script to Walgreens.  This time we made sure they added the berry flavoring to it (it was a 45 min drive one way to camp).  My cousin Josh got a nice 4 point buck, no one else had tags.  On October 3rd, Hadley got her 2nd tooth and Holden sat up by himself for the first time.  On October 10th, Holden took off crawling and has not slowed down!  On October 12th, Holden pulled himself up.  On October 18th, Hadley sat up for the first time on her own.  We took all the kids to a pumpkin patch.  Then, we celebrated Halloween and the kids loved every minute of it.  Hayden loved candy. 

The Ochoco

Hayden taking a warm bath in Val and Rick's tent


Pumpkin Patch

Last year they had 1 grandkid.  This year they have 5!

So excited to find his pumpkin!


July 16-September 9, 2011

Sorry to everyone for not keeping up on the blog, but like you all probably guessed, we are too busy!!!  I will hit on the main things that have happened over these past few months.  My aunt Terri got married to Chris (uncle now).  We went to Portland and we had a great time with our family.  Then, my cousin Josh got married to Katie a few weeks after.  We has a blast at their wedding too!  I started back with my MSN-FNP Program 2 weeks ago and it is keeping me busy.  As far as the triplets, we are now feeding them 3 meals a day consisting of barley with fruit at breakfast, then for lunch and dinner we do a variety of fruits and vegetables.  It is quite funny to see 3 babies being fed at the same time!  Sarah is still breastfeeding and we give formula as well.  Holden has his bottom 2 teeth and he is getting up in the crawling position.  In fact, he moved forward some today!  Hadley is a sweet little angel and her smile melts our hearts.  Hunter still smiles all the time to show off his dimples.  Hayden is growing up too fast and is not wanting to be more independent.  He loves his brothers and sister and makes them laugh!  Honestly, these past few months have flown by and we are enjoying every minute of it!  Here are some pictures:

Hunter, Hadley, and Holden





We are blessed!

We thank God everyday for what He gave us!  He helps us everyday with our wild ride!

June 5-July 15, 2011

Wow, it has been a long time since I had time to update the blog!  There were many special days we had these past few weeks.  Hayden turned 2 on June 10th!  We went to Red Robin on Hayden's birthday with my parents, Ashley, Katie, Kyle, Olivia, and my Grandma and Grandpa Lulay and Gescher.  We had tons of on-lookers when we brought the triplets in!  Then, we also had a birthday party with family and friends and Hayden loved every minute of it!  We can't believe he is already 2 years old, and who would have thought he would be a big brother to triplets?!  Father's Day was extra special this year, having 4 kids is amazing!  I had my birthday on June 24th and Sarah made an amazing dinner for me!  My aunt Joanne, uncle Leonard, and Kendra came over and met the triplets for the first time and brought us dinner and some gifts for the triplets.  The dinner and cookies were amazing!  The triplets are growing like crazy and are all talking more, smiling, and starting to grab things.  On July 9th (my mom's birthday), Hunter actually blew bubbles when cooing!  Holden seems to be the one that grabs the most stuff.  Hunter smiles whenever you talk to him, no matter what time of day.  Hadley is sweet as always and usually sleeps from about 8 PM to 5 AM.  The boys seem to wake up more than her to eat.  Sarah's aunt Julie, uncle John, Devin, Mitchell, and Gabby came up to Oregon to see the triplets and us.  I never got to spend any time with them because I worked 4 days straight.  We went to Kyle and Katie's for the 4th of July and Hayden loved the fireworks!  In fact, he ran around screaming and flopping on the grass during the fireworks.  We also went to the parade, but Hunter hated the loud sirens, so Sarah and my dad took the triplets back early. 
On July 5th, the triplets went to the doctor and they were:
Hunter: 15 lbs and 25.75 inches
Holden: 13 lbs 13 oz and 24.75 inches
Hadley: 12 lbs 2 oz and 23.25 inches
I switched from working days to nights the week of July 4th.  I tried it for 2 weeks, but Sarah and I decided right now it is too hard for me to work nights because she has no help at night.  I was looking forward to interviewing for the ANM spot on my floor, but I know now is not the time to work nights.  Thanks to everyone who gave me the opportunity to attempt nights.  Our friend Stephanie came over to see thr triplets with her husband and they brought them gifts.  My cousin Tyler and Autumn welcomed a baby girl, Lexi, on July 12th.  It will be fun to see her grow up with our kids as well as Olivia.  On July 14th, Hunter decided to roll over from his back to his belly while at my Grandma and Grandpa Gescher's house (of course Sarah and I were in the other room, but my grandparents saw him do it).  We continue to thank the Lord everyday for what amazing children we have and we are blessed to have such amazing families and help!

Hayden and Sarah blowing out the candles!

Sarah's creations

Hayden with his aunt Katie and Uncle Kyle (and Olivia). 
They are Hayden's godparents.

Aunt Ashley

Hunter, Hadley, and Holden

Hayden is happy and proud to be a big brother!

Attempting to feed them barley for the first time!

1st 4th of July!

Ready for the parade!

Hayden loves getting candy at parades! 
Olivia looks like she would like a bite!